100% Whole Grain – 80% rye and 20% Wheat.

It has been a while since I made a loaf of bread.  Covid and health issues have just about made life as horrible and boring as can be among other things.  At least I can still drink a glass of wine a day:-) Lucy has really slowed down since she turned 17.  I had to make a ramp for her to get up on the bed and her hind quarters don’t work as well as they used to – but she is hanging in there and a real trouper.

We needed bread for some home made lox and since pumpernickel bagels are my favorite this was what Lucy came up with.  100% hydration 4% each molasses, cocoa, brown sugar and caramel coloring to make it dark and 4% each whole coriander and whole caraway to give it that rye bread aroma and flavor with 2% salt. Finally 5% sunflower seeds.  I wanted 10% walnuts too ….but non were found in Lucy’s pantry:-(  Use walnuts if you have them with the sunflower seeds!

We love mix,, dump and bake breads and this is one of them.  the levain was 100% hydration with 75 g of whole mixed grains, 75 g of water and 20 g of NMNF rye starter that has been in the fridge for about forever – at least 6 months.  Once it doubles then in to the fresh milled flour flour it goes with the water and all the add ins.   Then mix it up and let it sit covered in plastic for 3 hours.

Then dump it into Yippee’s Oriental Pullman Panthat is sprayed with pan release and shape a small dome on top and cover in plastic.  Once it rises to near the rim of the pan in the middle, spray the lid and slide it on and make for 32 minutes at 425 F and then 30 minutes at 400 F with the lid off till it reads 207 F on the inside.  Take put of pan and let cool on a rack.  once cool , wrap in plastic and let sit for at least 18 hours on the counter before slicing.

This is a lovely, and powerful,  whole grain rye bread.  Since we are having smoked brisket today for Labor Day, currently smoking away,  it will go perfect with that as well.  Hope you all are well and hanging in there with this pandemic crappola.

Happy Baking!

PS.  Lucy still says to not forget to have a great garden salad like this one with every dinner.


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