23rd bake. 09/26/20. Oats & Seeds, 2nd try.

(Above photo is just after mixing.)

Sept. 26, 2020. 

Second attempt at the “Adventure Bread” of rolled oats and seeds, from the Josey Baker Bread book. 

If you don’t have the book, a nearly identical publicly available formula is here:


I don’t like psyllium. This formula calls for 25 grams of psyllium husks. Last time, I substituted whole chia seeds in for the psyllium husks.  This time I used ground chia seeds, swapped 1:1 by weight, 25 grams, and it did a much better job of absorbing water and working as a binder. 

My previous attempt at this formula was too wet, and the oat flakes disolved and congealed. And there was insufficient “binder” holding the ingredients together. 

I think psyllium absorbs more water than ground chia, so I also added 12 grams of guar gum, but  it clumped. I took out what clumps I could. I’m estimating 2 to 4 grams of guar gum still made it in. 

The ground chia and guar gum absorbed a lot of water and produced a lot of mucilage.  You can see the shiny mucilage and the intact oat flakes in the photo. 

I modified the mixing instructions too.  I added the water to the mixing bowl, then added the ground chia and guar gum. (then took out the guar gum clumps.) This was to ensure the binders got well hydrated first, so the rolled oats would not disolve. The rolled oats (old fashioned style, not quick/minute style) were added last. 

It’s in the fridge now, resting, and will be baked later today. 

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