55% Hydration, Sourdough, 47/53 Hard Red WW/HEB Br…


  • 100g Sourdough Starter (50/50 Hard Red Wheat)
  • 286g Whole Red Wheat (Home Milled)
  • 376g HEB Bread Flour
  • 18g Salt

This recipe was derived from the following King Arthur recipe:

With the following modifications:

  • Swapped out 286g of bread flour for home milled hard red wheat.
  • Reduced starter from 227g to 100g (since I didn’t have 227g available)
  • 20 minute autolyse before adding salt and starter.
  • Ignored time recommendations since I had less starter and my starter is very active. Instead, judged the progress of the dough by feel/size. 5 folds in the bowl every hour, then shaped the dough after about 8 hours.
  • Used a banneton and a long romertopf

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