A new flour – how does it compare to what I have.

After Covid19 lockdown I was gifted 4 kg of flour and suddenly my bread improved greatly.  Now I am running low and so I went on line and ordered 10 kg, crossing my fingers that I had chosen the right flour.  Todays bake was a straight up white 1:2:3 with each flour. I added a little diastatic malt to help with caramelisation.


45 minute autolyse to start.  Levain was added followed by 100 slap and folds. Salt added followed by another 100 SLAFs.  4 sets of coil folds at 40 minute intervals then the dough was left to ferment for another 2 hours.  Preshape followed by 30 minute rest. After Final shaping I left them on the bench for about 30 minutes before retarding over night.  

Original flour seemed to be a little stronger, the new flour spread a little and felt a little softer.  

Baked this morning and I am so happy with the results.

Original flour

crumb shot

new flour

crumb shot

well that was better than expected.  I think I am happy with my new flour!  the malt is giving me better crust colour too! 

Finally, on the original flour loaf, I got some pretty nice blisters too!

The angle of my photos makes one half of crumb shots look bigger than the other – an oops for sure as the slices were side by side.  

A good start to the week ahead, bake happy everyone




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