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I’ve been taunting Benny for weeks now about trying out some Canadain T55 and decided to have two baguettes square up and have a face off for the TXX grand prix.  For the record on the left is Canadian T55 blended 50/50 with French T65.  This blend is done by recommendation of seeing that this particular T55 is ancieny Khorasan grain.  On the right is straight T65 from france.  First impressions is that the Canadian blend turned out really much nicer than the French.  The shaping and lead up was noticeably different in that the Canadian dough was a bit more putty-esqe and required some more force while shaping.  Basically much better ear development and just overall more appealing shape.  Maybe it was due to that loaf being shaped better.  who knows, and it may take several bakes to really stamp a blue ribbon here but first impression is very positive – 


 This loaf is 73% hydration and I noticed it felt more like a 70% or lower so the khorasan is likely more absorbent.  The French loaf I brought up to 74% anf really didnt get much burst.  Crumb pics on the way … 


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