Cucumber Sandwiches Recipe |

I come from a family of four children. When we were little and getting antsy, my mom would sometimes distract us with “party sandwiches.” They could have been made with just about anything— peanut butter and jelly or tuna salad—but she created an air of festivity by cutting off the crusts and then cutting them […]

Keto Blondies with Chocolate Chips

Craving a sweet and chewy cookie? Give these chocolate chip keto blondies a try instead! They’re so delicious, ridiculously easy to make, and only 2 net carbs per bar. Jump to: Who doesn’t love a delicious and chewy chocolate chip cookie? There’s a reason they’re a classic. I love making a batch of my keto […]

The Perfect Pan for Pasta

[Photographs: Daniel Gritzer] It took me years, but I have finally tracked down the perfect pasta pan. Many reading this will misunderstand what I’m talking about. I’m not referring to the pot in which the pasta itself is boiled. Yes, the vessel you choose for cooking noodles matters: You need a something just big enough […]

Frozen Pineapple Margaritas – The Real Food Dietitians

The perfect sipper to enjoy on a hot and sunny summer day whether you’re at the beach or your backyard. Frozen Pineapple Margaritas are made with just 4 simple ingredients and no sugar added.  Best of all, this recipe comes together fast with frozen pineapple, lime juice, orange juice and tequila. Simply toss it all […]

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders {Seasoned and Breaded}

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders {Seasoned and Breaded}

Air-fryer chicken tenders are so perfectly crispy and juicy, you won’t believe these didn’t come out of the deep fryer! Less time, less fat, less calories… and ALL of the yumminess! This homemade recipe uses buttermilk marinated boneless chicken tenders that are lightly breaded to cooked to crispy perfection! Better Than Deep Fried! These chicken […]

Three photos next to each other for grilled fish entrees. To the left are three tuna skewers layered with red onion and bell peppers. The middle photo shows three salmon fillets topped with mango salsa. The photo to the right are three fish tacos on corn tortillas topped with salsa and avocado.

Lobster Cobb Salad with Bourbon Vinaigrette

In this colorful salad, chunks of fresh lobster are combined with green beans, sliced mango, avocado, red bell pepper, blue cheese and hazelnuts. Dressed with bourbon-hazelnut vinaigrette, it’s a sophisticated take on a traditional Cobb salad. See other related recipes in Spirited Cooking. Yield: 4 (11-ounce) portionsPreparation time: 1 hourShelf life: best […]

A Guide to Canned Fish and Seafood from Spain and …

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik] The average American grocery store tends to be lacking in the canned seafood department. Besides shelves and shelves of tuna, one might find the odd can of clams, some salmon, some mackerel, and little else. But citizens of the Iberian peninsula—the region including Spain and Portugal—are practically swimming in canned seafood. Entire […]

Low-Sugar Paloma – The Real Food Dietitians

Better-for-You Cocktail Week continues with this Low-Sugar Paloma. A refreshing mix of grapefruit and lime juices with just enough tequila to shake things up, and it’s beautiful blushing pink color. This has quickly become one of our favorite drinks this summer.  Pucker up! At the end of a long week—or in the middle of a […]

Easy Fresh Gazpacho {no cooking required}

Fresh Gazpacho is the perfect way to use this season’s bumper crop of garden-fresh tomatoes. This is refreshing chilled soup is chock full of flavor! Juicy tomatoes, crisp cool cucumbers, and bell peppers are blended together with our favorite herbs and seasonings until smooth! It’s just the ticket for those dog days of summer when […]

Review: 5 of Geijer Glogg’s California Liqueurs an…

Earlier this year we brought you coverage of California Fernet, a fun spin on the classic Italian style that mixes in both Californian and Swedish sensibilities. Now we’re back to the well with five more products from Martin Geijer’s Geijer Glogg, the San Francisco-based company behind the brand. This quintet spans a wide range of […]

Croissant tip – collapsed interior

One thing that can frustrating with croissants is having nice crumb towards the periphery but a hollow and collapsed interior.  One way that can help reduce this is to cut a 1/2 slit in the base of the triangular cut out.  I think the original purpose of this slit is allow for wider loaf since […]

11 Recipes for Serious Strawberry Lovers

Summer is when berries get their spotlight, and oh, do they shine bright! Living in Oregon has really taught me to appreciate berry season in all its glory, but when it comes down to it, I absolutely adore fresh, sweet, juicy strawberries. I’ve passed that love on down to my five girls because we can’t […]

Keto Roasted Cauliflower Hummus | Low Carb Yum

This easy keto roasted cauliflower hummus comes together quickly with tahini, lemon juice, and roasted garlic. It has all the rich flavors of traditional hummus with only a fraction of the carbs! Jump to: There’s no need to miss hummus on a low-carb diet. Just use cauliflower instead of chickpeas to get a similar blend […]

Marionberries: What They Are, How They’re Grown, a…

[Photograph: Bernardine Strik] It’s as if Oregon’s Willamette Valley—a fertile slice that runs between Eugene and Portland, about 70 miles inland—was created to grow berries. The cool, mild winters and warm-but-comfortable summers create the perfect microclimate for trailing berries to thrive. Bushes of blackberries, many different varieties, cling low to the ground to survive winter, […]

Watermelon Mojito – The Real Food Dietitians

The most delicious, refreshing and light cocktail that screams summer! This Watermelon Mojito is refined sugar-free, made with fresh mint and juicy watermelon and is the perfect cocktail (or ‘mocktail’) to enjoy on a hot day. It’s made easy with just 5-ingredients, no simple syrup and no added sugar. The watermelon adds plenty of sweetness […]

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