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Sumi, oddly enough, I did this for the first time yesterday as well (107F here!)  It worked out quite well for me.  I have a Kettle Pizza attachment for my kettle, so I used the stone+base from that, however, if I didn’t have this, I would have just put my baking stone (or, in your case, stone baker) on the grate.  I think the key to avoiding scorching, is to be sure that you don’t have coals directly under the stone.  I distributed a full chimney of coals in a “C” shape around the left, right and back of the kettle sides (this was added on top of about 2/3 of a chimney of unlit briquettes.)  I let that heat for about 40 minutes, and then cooked as normal with my bread on parchment, and an inverted roaster for 15 minutes for steam.

My KP stone setup:

First loaf:

All three loaves complete:

I was very happy with how this bake turned out, and it’s nice to know that I’ve got a good setup for the next time I need to bake outdoors! 🙂



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