Beyond Mac and Cheese: Using Finer Cheeses Without…

Goat and sheep cheeses, as well as pungent blues, can dress up deviled eggs, strudel and even cream puffs.

by Joanna Pruess

Like many prepared food–counter favorites, macaroni and cheese is frequently made with factory-produced cheddar or a blend of inexpensive cheeses. Even for a special promotion, you probably wouldn’t melt artisanal West Country English Farmhouse Cheddar from Devon or Dorset into the béchamel base to mix with the pasta.

For customers who are cheese aficionados, there are dishes that say “celebration” without wiping out the week’s food budget and, for retailers, are cost-effective to produce and sell. In using higher-end cheeses, a dish should showcase their unique taste rather than overwhelm them. Let the cheese be the star in these dishes. Take note that many cheeses are quite salty, so dishes should be seasoned carefully. Here you’ll find just a few festive variations to explore to salute the wonderfully rich world of fine cheeses.

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