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[Photograph: Vicky Wasik]

At the peak of summer when blueberries are both abundant and at their best, we like to turn them into fluffy muffins, bake them into a classic blueberry pie, or eat them out of hand as a snack. With all those baking and snacking options, it’s easy to forget how good blueberries can be in frozen preparations. Take, for example, these creamy blueberry yogurt popsicles. Blended with full-fat Greek yogurt, the blueberries shine through with their sweet-tart, lightly floral flavor.

The key to blueberry popsicle success is to lightly cook the blueberries before blending them with the yogurt. Once frozen, raw blueberries lack the deep, sweet, unmistakable blueberry flavor that cooking draws out. To boost the blueberries’ mild sweetness, we supplement with some extra sugar, along with a blast of fresh lemon juice to restore some of that raw-berry brightness.

After cooking, the blueberry mixture is cooled, blended, and strained to form a flavorful purée that is then combined with Greek yogurt, heavy cream (to counteract the yogurt’s tendency towards chalkiness when frozen), and additional sugar, lemon juice, and salt. The result is flavor-packed blueberry yogurt pops with an incredibly lush texture.

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