Bryan Ford’s Pan Rustico, and learning how to hand…

Like scorchia, Covid-19 led me to invest in a big bag of “ultra-unifine” bread flour from Azure. I’ve used it in place of white bread flour in a few recipes and decided it was time to let it shine in a classic-style sourdough.

I tossed up whether to use Ford’s Pan Rustico or his Pan Integral recipe. Perhaps the latter would have been more appropriate, but for whatever reason I went with the former.

Dough made with this flour feels extremely soft and smooth. It absorbs water easily, so I splashed in a little extra as I mixed, probably about 50g (for a half-batch). I followed Ford’s “squeeze and rest” method for the mix, and found it very effective.

The taste of the bread is excellent. The texture of the crumb isn’t as custardy and open as I like it. I think my handling was quite light, so I wonder if this is either inevitable with this flour, or suggests a higher hydration would be beneficial. 

crumb shot

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