Chocolatey For Business / Chocolatey Professional Coming May 2

This is a very exciting time for Chocolatey! During the past 5 years, there have been some amazing moments in Chocolatey’s history. Now we are less than 10 daylights from another historical moment for Chocolatey- when licensed copies become available for purchase! This is the moment when we are able to offer peculiarities that enable businesses to better manage application through Chocolatey and offer non-free aspects to local communities! This also recognizes when local communities( and organizations) make the next step to ensure the longevity of Chocolatey for the next 10 -2 0 years. I started this process with a dream and a Kickstarter and now it’s finally coming to fruition!


Here is a list of the licensed peculiarities that will be coming in May. I actually think you are going to like what we’ve been cooking up 😛 TAGEND

Malware protection/ Virus scanning- Automatic protection from software flagged by multiple virus scanners- Read more … No more 404 s- Alternate permanent download location for Professional purchasers. Read more … Integration with existing Antivirus- Great for businesses that don’t want to reach out to VirusTotal. (Business Simply) Create parcels from software registers/ installers- Do you maintain all the lotions you install for your business internally somewhere? Chocolatey can automatically create packs for all the software your organization squanders in under 5 minutes!- Shown as a preview in a March webinar( fast forward to 36:45 ) Install Directory Switch- You no longer need to worry about the underlying directives to send to native installers to install software into special locales. You can simply pass one directory switch to Chocolatey and it will handle this for you. Support and prioritization of flaws and features for customers.

Sold! But How Do I Buy?

While we are still getting the front end methods setup and secure all of the backend structures becomes available and functioning properly, we are limiting availability to the first 500 professional permissions and 20 occupations( Note: we do not expect any issues with our payment processor ). Because we are limiting availability, you must register for the Go Live Event at https :// if you are interested.

It bears repeating, the links for buy will only be sent to kinfolks who have registered for the affair, so self-assured your spot now!

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