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Well I took a few years off there! Hey everyone, nice to see the pros still baking on TFL. I have learned so much from you guys over the years. 

I am baking again now that I’m settled in San Jose, California, and no longer a monk. Let’s get to what you want to know…

I tried to start my own starter without luck! Even after 5 different test trials with all different flours and two types of water… so a neighbor luckily shared some healthy bugs with me because I was getting impatient. (Monks get impatient???)

Side note: Danny aka DanAyo also lovingly mailed me some starter and I will be getting that going today. 


I love sideways levain shots…jk. 


I could see the levain was strong and so I threw together a nice little recipe. 

1 loaf

450g flour. I used mostly KA bread flour, 5% local WW and 5% Rye

74% hydration

18% levain


Levain build: 6am

Autolyse: 8am

Mix: 9am

Slap & fold, 4 times every 30 min. I only do what the dough wants. If the fold looks good after one smash against the counter, then that’s all I do. Dough always slacks a little towards the end of the S&F work, so I put in a little more work on the last fold before BF. 

Happy dough, 75F throughout. 


After BF I shaped and cold retard. Baked in the AM. 15 hour cold proof. Wake up, coffee, pre-heat to 550F, slash and in. 20 minutes, uncover until color is good. Turn off oven and rest loaf inside until Avocado is ready. 

I’m happy with it, tastes good. Nice mix of flours and healthy starter, what more can you ask? I’ll need to pick up some *parchment paper (not wax, raj) in order prevent the bottom from cookin’ so good. 
*the Dutch oven was full of oil! Ha! 

happy baking, relax!



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