Consistency vs. Variability

Consistency vs. Variability

Aiming for consistent performance while varying the ingredients.


First up, breads:


20% corn, 30% sprouted durum, 50% kamut, 7% olive, 1% dried basil


40% sprouted einkorn, 10% sorghum, 50% blue emmer, 15% hazelnuts, 2% coffee


30% sprouted kamut, 20% amaranth, 50% einkorn, 12% cashew, 1% sun-dried tomatoes, 1% dried tarragon


40% einkorn, 60% durum, 15% cashew, 1% dried parsley 



Other dishes are coming next:


Pan-fried dumplings (They were made so long ago that I’ve forgotten what the filling was…)


Red curry salmon flat noodles


Squid masala with upma & crispy potato wedges


Feta shrimp fusilli in pea pesto


Cantonese Zha Jiang noodles


Gouda-stuffed potato mochi & roasted capelin


Kung Pao style rice noodles with shrimps


Red cabbage & pork steamed dumplings


Killer pressure cooked taco al pastor…


…made Mexican rice with the “leftover”  


Shrimp paste minced pork eggplant glass noodles


Porcini risotto with caramelized broccolini


Wishing everyone well and good health 🙂

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