Country Sourdough Experiment No. 2

Country Sourdough Experiment No. 2

Still wanting to see if our very strong 13.3% protein Canadian flours interfere with the open crumb I’m attempting another bake of this formula I’ve thrown together.  Instead of 80% strong bread flour, I use 50% strong bread flour, 30% lower protein flour (10% protein), 10% whole red fife and 10% dark rye.  9% prefermented flour is use and this time I’ve lowered the hydration to 75% because the 10% flour isn’t very absorptive of the water.

The dough was built using an overnight saltolyse, mixed with levain using Rubaud kneading.  Structure and gluten were built using a strong bench letterfold, a lamination and then 4 coil folds leaving it undisturbed for the final 2 hours or so during bulk fermentation at 80ºF.  Bulk ended and final shaping was done at 50% rise in the aliquot jar and left on the counter for an additional 45 minutes of proofing prior to cold retard at 2ºC overnight about 21 hours.

Baked as usual in a dutch oven, preheated at 500ºF then dropped to 450ºF and baked in dutch oven lid on for 20 minutes, lid removed and oven dropped to 420ºF and baked for a further 23 minutes.

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