Danni’s wild rice & cranberry bread, as baguettes …


Danni’s recent post of a SD wild rice and cranberry boule had me intrigued.  However changes were in store.

  • Subbed out the kamut & einkorn for semola rimacinata 
  • Dropped honey and yogurt, replaced by an equal amount of water.
  • Dropped overall hydration to 75%.
  • Added bassinage of 10% of the water after the 20 min autolyse.  5 min rest.
  •  2 sets of 20 French Folds with a 5 min rest between.
  • Letter Folds at 30, 60, 90 and 110 min.  Rice and cranberries added at 2nd LF.
  • Bulk ferment limited to 2 hours in my warm kitchen.  Retarded overnight.
  • Divide and shape in early AM, back to retard.
  • Baked with steam at 460dF after ~14-16 hrs of retardation.
Wild Rice Cranberry Levain                
Danni, mod by alfanso                
          Total Flour        
  Total Dough Weight (g)   1250   Prefermented 15.00%      
  Total Formula       Levain      Final Dough  
  Ingredients % Grams   % Grams   Ingredients Grams
  Total Flour 100.00% 634.7   100.00% 95.2   Final Flour 539.5
  AP Flour 73.20% 464.6   100% 95.2   AP Flour 369.4
  Durum 26.80% 170.1   0% 0.0   Durum 170.1
  Water 75.00% 476.1   100% 95.2   Water 380.8
  Salt 1.96% 12.4         Salt 12.4
  Wild Rice  6.65% 42.2         Wild Rice 42.2
  Dried Cranberries 13.32% 84.5         Cranberries 84.5
  Starter 3.00% 19.0   20% 19.0      
                Levain 190.4
  Totals 196.93% 1250.0   220% 209.5     1250.0
Soak Wild Rice in Hot Water overnight. Cook & drain, add dried cranberries, refrigerate until mix time.  
Autolyse Water, Levain, Flours 20 min. Hold back 10% water for bassinage.        
Bassinage salted water.  Incorporate, rest 5 min.              
20-30 French Folds.  Rest 5 min.  20-30 FFs.  Into oiled tub.            
BF 2 Hrs.  Incorporate rice and berries on 2nd Letter Fold. .            
LFs at 30, 60, 90, 110.  10 min rest.  retard              
Retard 12-16 hrs. with divide and shape somewhere in that time.            
Preheat 475dF, Bake 460dF with steam for first 13 min.  Then rotate to finish bake ~13 min more. Final  2 min venting.


I don’t perceive any advantage to the wild rice save for the unique look it gives the bread.  However, the cranberries add a more robust flavor and the bread is just perfect with a soft cheese.

4 folds is a bit much in my book, but I followed this aspect of Danni’s post.  On making this again, I’d increase the percent of durum, but tried to faithfully follow Danni’s percentages here this time.

I find that dough laden with add-ins as this one is, mostly provide for a modest grigne and ear in baguette form.  As this one is.

Thanks for posting this formula Danni – even if I ran off the rails on a few aspects. 

420g x 3 long batards.

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