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Hi All, the local coffee shop has requested that I take over production of their rye. They currently get it frozen so decided to keep a record of my experimenting here. 

Initially though I would do a 100% rye with seeds, but that’s closer to the health bread they currently use. 

Below is the first test result, happy with the loaf overall just going to tweak it slightly and play around with the starter  build,  I like the flavour I get from the three stage Detmolder build more.  I pushed the bulk on this one, left it for around 7 hours in a cool kitchen until the dough doubled. “pre-shaped” as much as I could, left it for another hour and shaped and proofed at RT for 30mins, fridge at 5C for 12H.  

Stats on the loaf was around 38% Rye and 77% hydration, with 20% Rye starter @ 70% ish hydration. Hand mixed, shallow score and baked seam side up, I wanted the natural tear along the seam, don’t think I needed to score would have open up fine without the help. 

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