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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to share two nice loaves that came out of the oven this morning.

The first loaf is a 100% semolina sourdough and the second is a yeast water raisin and sunflower loaf, both at 75% hydration. Both loaves were mixed up at about the same time, fermented and baked together.


Yeast water raisin and sunflower loaf

It took about 24 hours to build the yeast water levain. A bit sluggish in the beginning, so I had to put it in the oven with the light on. The flour mix was 60% bread flour, 30% whole wheat and 10% rye. I used 16% pre-fermented flour for the inoculation, and limited the amount of raisins and sunflower to about 20% combined. For this loaf, I mixed all ingredients together, including salt, without any autolyse, kneaded well to mix all ingredients. The rest was a standard process with 2 sets of stretches and folds, bulk fermentation for 2 hours on the counter and then into the wine cooler (12C) for the long bulk fermentation overnight. The result was a soft airy crumb and crispy crust with the traditional raisin sweetness notes in the flavor.


Semolina loaf

Since the yeast water took more than I expected to mature, I decided to build a regular levain using my sourdough stater. It took about 10 hours to mature the sourdough levain, built with 80% hydration. I had no idea what to bake while building the sourdough levain, but finally decided for semolina. For this one, I used only semolina flour, autolysed for 30 min, with 75% overall hydration. The flour in the levain accounted for 16% of the total. The dough was quite nice to work with, silky but firm at the same time. Also applied a good 2 min hand kneading in the beginning to mix all ingredients, and later I did two sets of stretches and folds, 30 min apart. The first bulk fermentation took 2 hours on the counter, and then overnight in the wine cooler at 12C. In the morning, shaped and proofed for about hours before baking. The result was a nice open crumb and crispy crust. Good oven spring on this one and a subtle sour taste in the crumb. As a general notice, I think another option would be to use the sourdough levain for the raisin bread and the yeast water levain for the semolina loaf, so the semolina won’t have sour notes.




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