Fig/Walnut Whole Grain Bread

Fig/Walnut Whole Grain Bread

Beginning to get more comfortable baking! Decided to experiment with Figs and Walnuts (figs freshly dehydrated)

Started with 50% Red Fife, 10% Rye, 10% Spelt, 30% All Purpose, with a 2 hour autolyse and then a 5.5 hour bulk fermentation. Laminated once 45 minutes after adding leaven and salt to get the mix-ins incorporated (maybe should’ve chopped the walnuts a bit smaller) and then did 3 coils folds separated by about 45 minutes each. Retarded overnight for ~12 hours and then baked 20 minutes at 450, then uncovered at 425 for 25 more minutes. 

Produced a lovely oven spring, but think the crumb got a little wonky maybe from the nuts? Flavor was delicious though, and next time would probably add way more figs and reduce the walnuts. 


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