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Grilled Turkey Lula Kebabs made with ground turkey, plenty of spices, and fresh parsley are the perfect healthy Mediterranean meal. Jump to Recipe keyboard_arrow_down


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Grilled Turkey Lula Kebabs are packed with Mediterranean flavors and made on the grill or in the oven for a delicious and healthy meal.

We have a serious takeout habit from our favorite Mediterranean restaurant that almost always includes chicken shawarma, Lula kebabs, Israeli salad, hummus, and copious amounts of garlic sauce. It’s a problem, but one that I am trying to remedy by making some of our favorites at home.

This week I started with our beloved Lula kebabs but went with a version made with ground turkey instead of ground beef and lamb. Not only is it healthier, but it’s also significantly more affordable since ground lamb can be pretty pricey.

I was fairly intimidated when it came to the kebab making part since it seems like it would be difficult to get the ground meat to stay put during grilling. Turns out the key is refrigerating the kabobs before placing them on the grill. This not only gives everything some time to marinate and for the flavor to combine, it also ensures that the meat will firm up and stay in place.

Now when it comes to serving these delicious Turkey Lula Kebabs, you are going to want to have some tzatziki and Israeli salad around. The cucumber and garlic yogurt sauce is the perfect thing for dipping and Israeli salad is fresh and bright. We like to pile everything high into lightly grilled pitas but they also make a delicious salad for something lower in carbohydrates.

Lula kabobs made with ground turkey on a board with tortillas, red onions, tomatoes, and a slate board.

What is a Lula Kabob?

Lula kabobs are a traditional Armenian dish that is usually made with a combination of ground beef, ground lamb, fresh herbs, onions, and spices. There is a similar Persian dish called Koobideh.

The ground meat is wrapped around a skewer and then cooked on the grill until the outside is slightly crispy and the inside is cooked through. Most times, Lula kabobs are served with garlic sauce, rice, grilled tomatoes, hummus, and salad. There is always pita bread as well. 

Can I make these kabobs with ground beef? ground lamb?

These kabobs will work with any type of ground meat or a combination of ground meats. For example, you could use just ground beef, just ground lamb, or a combination of the two. You could also combine ground turkey with ground lamb. This adds that delicious lamb flavor but makes it healthier and lower calorie. 

Side Dish Ideas

Traditionally, Lula kabobs are almost always served on a bed of white rice. Sometimes this rice is seasoned with saffron, but not always. Then it is served with grilled tomatoes, pita bread, and salad. Here are some additional ideas for side dishes:

  • Even though it isn’t traditional, I love to serve Lula Kabobs with Israeli Salad or this simple cabbage salad.
  • Make some grilled vegetables on the side like these grilled onions, grilled eggplant, or grilled yellow squash
  • Serve this with a simple green salad and some toasted pita bread. 
  • My family loves to eat these with grilled potatoes or baked potatoes. 
  • If you are lucky enough to have leftovers, these make delicious pita sandwiches with sliced cucumbers, greens, tomatoes, red onion, and tzatziki or hummus. 

Can these be cooked in the oven?

If you don’t want to cook these on the grill, they can also be cooked under the broiler. Start by preheating the broiler. Place the Lula kabob on a wire rack on a baking sheet covered in foil. Cook for 4-5 minutes on each side or until the turkey is cooked through and juices run clear. Let rest for 3-5 minutes before serving for the juices to redistribute. 

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