homemade (gluten free) moon pie

homemade (gluten free) moon pie

At the summer program where I work with 8 and 9 year old children, I taught them how to make filled chocolates yesterday, it was a blast! It was a mess! I let them decide what fillings to use, they opted for peanut butter, marshmallow, and caramel (some where combined!). We used milk chocolate which I can’t eat so I smelled it and watched the children eat these scrumptious, squishing out chocolates all day. I went right home and made something chocolate (sort of) for myself! I only had carob powder in the house so I created a batter adding molasses and cinnamon too… That really helped these (soft) cookies taste a lot like chocolate. Then I whipped egg whites and added melted sugar, margarine (soy free) to the whites for the filling. I experimented and froze some of the filling and it scooped like ice cream, very nice!*

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