How to Clean and Store Fresh Produce

[Photographs: Sasha Marx] It’s prime produce season, which means it’s that time of the year when fridge Jenga can quickly get out of hand as you try to fit just one more bag of shishitos into the crisper, decapitating at least one pepper as you try to shove the drawer closed. Properly storing produce can […]

How to Make a Sourdough Bread Loaf Recipe

[Photographs and video: Tim Chin] There are probably a thousand ways to make sourdough bread. Consider the catalogue of shapes alone: boule, bâtard, baguette, miche, pain de mie (or pullman), baton—that’s just a sample of a much longer list of the conventional French shapes. Sourdough breads also include products like Ethiopian injera, Indian naan and […]

Roast a Pork Shoulder and Feast For Days

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik, Sasha Marx, and J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Throughout these first few months of quarantine cooking we have embraced a “component cooking” approach to meal-planning, which helps alleviate some of the workload of preparing most, if not all, meals at home. Simmering a big pot of beans or roasting a flat of mushrooms on […]

19 Condiment Recipes Perfect for Summer Grilling

[Photographs: J. Kenji López-Alt, Vicky Wasik] Condiments are to summer cooking as hot dogs are to baseball—you can have one without the other, but it just won’t be as good. Whether you’re grilling up meats and seafood this summer or simply fixing yourself a really good sandwich, condiments are an easy way to add flavor […]

Special Sauce: Kenji on Butter; Anne Saxelby and S…

[Sheila Flanagan Photograph: Courtesy of Sheila Flanagan] On this week’s Special Sauce we’re once again talking about selling cheese during the pandemic with cheesemonger Anne Saxelby of Saxelby Cheesemongers and cheesemaker Sheila Flanagan of Nettle Meadow Farm and Artisan Cheese. Without a hint of self-pity, Anne and Sheila talk about the nimbleness and the optimism […]

The Perfect Pan for Pasta

[Photographs: Daniel Gritzer] It took me years, but I have finally tracked down the perfect pasta pan. Many reading this will misunderstand what I’m talking about. I’m not referring to the pot in which the pasta itself is boiled. Yes, the vessel you choose for cooking noodles matters: You need a something just big enough […]

A Guide to Canned Fish and Seafood from Spain and …

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik] The average American grocery store tends to be lacking in the canned seafood department. Besides shelves and shelves of tuna, one might find the odd can of clams, some salmon, some mackerel, and little else. But citizens of the Iberian peninsula—the region including Spain and Portugal—are practically swimming in canned seafood. Entire […]

Marionberries: What They Are, How They’re Grown, a…

[Photograph: Bernardine Strik] It’s as if Oregon’s Willamette Valley—a fertile slice that runs between Eugene and Portland, about 70 miles inland—was created to grow berries. The cool, mild winters and warm-but-comfortable summers create the perfect microclimate for trailing berries to thrive. Bushes of blackberries, many different varieties, cling low to the ground to survive winter, […]

Roast Pork Shoulder Ragù in Bianco With Pasta Reci…

[Photograph: Sasha Marx] This pork shoulder ragù “in bianco” (a white meat sauce, made without any tomato product) is the result of our current quarantine conditions, combining the “component cooking” approach to meal planning and the need for getting creative with leftovers, with a dash of restaurant nostalgia. Inspired by the famous malfatti (which are […]

Special Sauce: Anne Saxelby and Sheila Flanagan on…

[Anne Saxelby Photograph: Christine Han Photography] This week on Special Sauce we are returning to the topic of the horrendous toll the pandemic has taken on the food culture. Today, we’re talking cheese. In the first of two far-ranging interviews, I spoke to cheesemaker Sheila Flanagan, co-owner of Nettle Meadow Farm, and Saxelby Cheesemongers owner Anne […]

Japanese-Style Iced Coffee Recipe

Japanese-Style Iced Coffee Recipe | Serious Eats

[Photographs: Daniel Gritzer] Want some good news? The easiest way to make iced coffee also turns out to be the best. At least, that’s what our panel of blind tasters agreed when we pitted Japanese-style iced coffee against cold brew and leftover hot-brewed coffee. More specifically, the tasters preferred Japanese-style iced coffee when drinking it […]

17 Bean Salad Recipes for Summer

17 Bean Salad Recipes for Summer

[Photographs: J. Kenji López-Alt, Vicky Wasik] The advantages of bean salads are many—they’re nutritious, economical, and easy to prepare, and they’ll keep well in the refrigerator for days. The primary downside is that they’re usually boring. Even the phrase “bean salad” doesn’t feel particularly inspirational; you don’t generally expect it to be followed up with […]

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