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IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic:

Traditional food is undergoing great changes and is being replaced by brand-new nutrition. What do you think are the reasons and what do you think about this phenomenon?


Identifying the essay nature: Give the above reasons and your opinion Structuring the essay 😛 TAGEND


State your opinion


Paragraph 1: Give the reasons for this issue

[ 1] nuclear homes are one of the reasons for this change

[ 2] this dietary shifting is also attributed to recent rushes in technology.

[ 3] the enormous penetration of transnational cartels throughout the developing world is also inextricably linked to this transition.

Paragraph 2: Give your opinion about the above-mentioned issues => Negative consequences

[ 1] the downfall of cultural norms

[ 2] various ailments such as obesity, cardiovascular and diabetes


Restate your opinion.


People are very busy nowadays. This fast-paced life has led to a shift in dietary consumption. Artisanal foods and culinary heritages have been left behind, and modern dishes have already established themselves in our dining tables. This paper aims to explain the rationale behind this phenomenon.

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Firstly, family size is the main reason for this change. In the early days, there was a joint family system where one family member dedicated his time for cooking and domestic tasks. But it is almost gone and is replaced by nuclear homes. With both parents working in most pedigrees, processed foods, are no doubt substituting home-cooked dinners. Furthermore, technological advances have also contributed to this dietary shift. Daily tasks that were once diligent commitments are soon far more feasible with the help of technological advancements. Examples are appliances such as refrigerators, showering machines, and microwave ovens. Therefore, new ways of cooking have replaced the long-established ways of manipulation food.

Further, technology has yielded our lifestyles more sedentary and fast food is the choice of parties in white-collar jobs who are frequently chasing the clock. Thirdly, the enormous penetration of transnational cartels throughout the developing world is also inextricably linked to this transition. Liberalisation policy, commercialisation, and the invasion of Western business have caused the domestic markets to make the backseat. Too, the developments in the logistics and procurement systems of supermarkets have allowed them to compete, on rate, with the local channels- the small mom-and-pop places and dry business for returns, vegetables, and all other products.

There are a myriad of negative consequences. Firstly, the downfall of culture criteria will be inevitable. Specific proficiencies and rehearses would die out with our predecessors as our next generation aren’t willing to learn them. Furthermore, many ailments such as obesity, cardiovascular and diabetes will invade our society.

Overall, I reckon that this phenomenon is triggered by numerous parts and has put our modern society in jeopardy.

Useful vocabulary

Artisanal menus and culinary habit Paved the method for The huge penetration of transnational cartels

liberalisation Commercialization The downfall of cultural norms

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