In WTF?! News: Jury Finds Crazy-Azz Indiana Man Guilty Of Murdering And Eating Girlfriend, Man Blames Black Men

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An Indiana man has been found guilty by a jury of his peers for the murder and subsequent cannibalism of his ex-girlfriend according to WLKY.

Joseph Oberhansley’s crime was described as “as bad as you will ever see” by the prosecutor in his case. It has been 6 years since Oberhansley’s committed said crime and he’s finally going to suffer the consequences. On September 11, 2014, his ex-girlfriend Tammy Blanton texted her friend “I’m taking my life back. I worked too hard to get here. No one will take me down” in response to the couple’s break up. She changed the locks, windows, and reportedly put a chair under the door because she knew that Joseph was crazy af.

Sure enough, later that night, Joseph showed up and began breaking into the house. Blanton called 911, cops came, Joseph was gone, without arrest. A few hours later, Blanton did not show up to work and officers returned to check on her. Oberhansley opened the door with a bloody knife in his pocket. Tammy’s body was found in the bathroom floor mutilated, bitten into, and stabbed. Ol’ boy made a full confession.

To make matters worse, upon testifying in his own defense, Oberhansley blamed the murder on two Black men he allegedly saw inside Tammy’s house that night.

“I was catching really bad vibes about the situation because I had never seen them at the house before,” he testified, adding after he saw one of the men stab Blanton, there was a brief scuffle and then he was knocked unconscious.

He then blamed his previous confession on coercion and a “head injury”…

“That confession was completely false….because of my head injury, I just started going along with what he said,” Oberhansley said.

Lock this soup cookie up five-ever. He’s facing life without parole at sentencing.

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