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Look at this beauty friends! This is the best loaf of bread I have ever baked. Why? A fresh bag of the finest bread flour bought from our local bakery and fresh Durham Semolina to sweeten things up. Great bread!!!!! Recipe:

95g starter at 100% hydration
1/2 t instant yeast
177g milk scalded
42g Durham semolina
328g strong bread flour
41g honey
55g butter, melted
36g egg, beaten
1+ t salt

 Prior to the bake, I brushed some egg wash on to the top of the loaf and sprinkled with Durham semolina flour, then scored.

Mix and develop the dough. Bake @ 350F 18 minutes with steam. Remove steam, turn loaf pan and finish for another 18 minutes.

I can’t stop eating this bread! I finally have a winner.

Happy baking! Ski



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