Marinated Vegetables, Pecorino Romano Cheese Sourd…

I realized that I hadn’t made any pizza in quite sometime.  My working on baguettes over the past several months got in the way 😎. So 2 days ago I put together my go to sourdough pizza recipe from the pizza Community Bake.  I haven’t really many any changes to that recipe except that I now give the dough after cold retard 2 hours of RT final proof.  This has helped with a more open cornicione.  I’m still making 9” personal sized pizzas in my cast iron skillet.  A couple of adjustments to my methods for baking are that after I have stretched the dough I take the cast iron sklliet out of the oven (550ºF) and place it on my stovetop on a heated element so that the skillet stays as hot as possible.  This helps get that bottom crust crispy.  Finally for the final three minutes of baking, I turn on convection broil.

The vegetables are three types of Italian olives, roasted peppers, peperoncini, artichoke hearts, onions, basil and sundried tomatoes marinated in red wine vinegar and olive oil with dried oregano.  When using such wet toppings I use the strategy of first topping the dough with the cheese, in this case a pecorino Romano.  This really prevents a soggy crust even with such wet heavy toppings I used today.  You can see in my photos, the browned dry bottom crust and the photo of the slice that is holding the weight of the toppings without flopping

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