Mayo Kombat: Kendall Kries Foul After Kylie Karate Kicks Her In The Neck During “Kardashians” Katfight

If you missed the last episode of” Killing Off Keeping Up With The Kardashians” we have you handled … Not much happened, aside from Kylie figuratively and literally retaining her paw on Kendall’s neck.

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So on the latest episode of” Keeping Up With The Kardashians ,” the family went to Palm Springs for some sisterly ligament but things pretty much went to isht the moment Kylie arrived. Kendall ended up furious over Kylie wearing Kourtney’s attire, which she wanted to wear. The two discontinued the night campaigning because Kendall demanded a ride residence. Kendall claims Corey cursed at her and Kylie gave her heel in her cervix. If you’re KONFUSED — watch the KLIP below 😛 TAGEND

And in case you’re wondering how it all started the beef over the brown outfit is in the excerpt below. There was one other little tiff in between that showed Kylie having a good old-time meter with some 1942 while Kendall pretty much sat at the counter looks a lot like a wet blanket.

Do you think that Kendall was entirely blameless in this whole fiasco orrrrr could it be that her painful sentiment all nighttime is what have contributed to her getting kicked in the neck? Also — do you think Kris is going to be big mad at Corey for his role in the whole thing or nah?

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