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In the world of dessert, raspberries are often treated as an afterthought, relegated to the role of a garnish or drizzle of sauce. But the mark of a great raspberry-yogurt popsicle is one where the fruit shines. Here, we coax out raspberry’s bright red berry flavor by underscoring its floral notes and jammy sweetness. Combined with full-fat Greek yogurt, the raspberry base transforms into a creamy, and perfectly sweet-tart dessert.

Like our blueberry pops, the key to success is to gently simmer the raspberries with water, sugar, citrus juice, and salt. Cooking breaks down the raspberries, taming their tartness while concentrating their fruity depth. The addition of orange juice, a trick we borrowed from Max Falkowitz, pairs well with raspberry’s inherent citrus notes. Blending the mixture with Greek yogurt and heavy cream balances out the acidity, slight bitterness, and sharp flavor of the purée.

Although we chose to blend the raspberries and yogurt for a more cohesive flavor, you can also make swirled popsicles with this recipe. Begin by preparing the raspberry purée and yogurt base according to steps one and two. In step three, instead of combining the purée and yogurt base, keep them separate. Dollop a tablespoon of each into the popsicle molds, alternating between the purée and the yogurt base, until the molds are full. Using a skewer or cake tester, draw several figure eights through each filled popsicle mold to achieve a swirled look.

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