The forgotten loaf…

The forgotten loaf… Submitted by not.a.crumb.left on September 20, 2020 – 12:53pm. Has anyone else here  also enjoyed the new audiobook by Chad Robertson and Jennifer Latham? I have started using their double booster feeding with good results and also love their mixing schedule introducing water in steps. Now I have been doing that anyway […]

Please Help Save Proof Bread in Mesa, AZ..

A while back I started up a forum post about Proof Bread, a “micro-bakery” located in a residential neighborhood in Mesa, AZ. Again, all strictly legal due to a local ordinance allowing “cottage” businesses run out of a residence. All of us have had or know of a disagreeable neighbor who doesn’t hesitate for a […]

22nd bake, 09/21/2020. Over-proofed, again.

22nd bake, 09/21/2020. Over-proofed, again. Submitted by idaveindy on September 21, 2020 – 3:24pm. Sept. 21, 2020.  Goal 1240 g total dough, with bread spice.  5:41 pm. Mixed 407 g home-milled Prairie Gold hard white spring wheat, 100 g home-milled Kamut, 118 g home-milled hard red winter wheat, (625 g total flour), 531 g water, […]

Revitalized starter performing well.

Revitalized starter performing well. Submitted by gavinc on September 22, 2020 – 1:42am. My starter is performing better than ever now I have a new regimen. Hamelman’s Vermont Sourdough with 15% stone-ground whole wheat flour. IMG_5445.JPG IMG_5446.JPG Source link

Rye Experiment | The Fresh Loaf

I just bought a 25lb sack of Danko Rye berries from Farmer Ground Flour and am excited to experiment! I decided to go with the Rye Sourdough recipe from The Perfect Loaf. I didn’t feel like sifting the rye so I mixed up the flours used a bit and did 40% whole grain rye, 30% whole grain […]

Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough  | The Fresh Loaf

This is an adapted recipe from The Perfect Loaf where I put in  my usual amount of 250 g of levain rather than the 180 g that the recipe scales up to when I increase everything to make 3 loaves. I did this to speed up fermentation since this was a very sluggish dough based on […]

Yellow Miso Furikake Sourdough | The Fresh Loaf

This time I used yellow miso which is milder in flavour than the more assertive red miso I usually use, only because red miso was unavailable the last time I bought miso.  Also my homemade miso is far from ready yet needing many more months to ferment.  The furikake I bought for this bake didn’t […]

Sesame Semolina Sourdough Baguettes Set No. 2

Back at the same sesame semolina sourdough baguettes but with some changes to try to improve the crumb. So I made some changes in the hopes of achieving a more open crumb. The first significant change I made was to delete the commercial yeast altogether, this change was made by accident and wasn’t planned as […]

21st bake. 09/15/2020. Oats & seeds.

(Above image is pre-cooked, shortly after mixing.) Sep 15, 2020. This is the rolled oats and seed loaf, called “Adventure Bread”, from “Josey Baker Bread.” I needed to make at least one substitution: I don’t like the effect that psyllium husk (aka Metamucil) has on my system, so I used some extra chia seed, […]

20th bake. 09/13/2020. 100% WW. 1/8 tsp yeast.

20th bake. 09/13/2020. 100% WW. 1/8 tsp yeast. Submitted by idaveindy on September 14, 2020 – 9:15am. This is my first loaf bake in six months. I have been making small flatbreads in the meantime. I milled seven pounds of flour on Friday the 11th — 3 pounds of Prairie Gold hard white spring wheat, […]

Grass Roots Sourdough  | The Fresh Loaf

    This is Cedar Mountain’s Grass bread with a few minor tweaks. The last time I made this, my notes has several comments about how wet this dough was so I cut the water back by 25 g and the yogurt by 10. Initially the dough seemed pretty stiff but it loosened up when […]

sourdough cheez-it bread! | The Fresh Loaf

I’d say just your standard naturallyleavened whole wheat sourdough pain au levain made with ~33% cheez-it flour (aka crushed cheez-its) except I googled cheez-it bread and cheez-it flour and couldn’t find a single instance   oh and my cat showing off with the photobomb  Source link

Sesame Semolina Baguettes au Levain no. 1

  Here is my take on Alan’s (Alfanso) Sesame Semolina Baguettes.  I used his formula generally but made a few changes.  I added 0.07% IDY and also did an overnight Saltolyse and levain build.  I forgot how low hydration this was going to be so in the future I wouldn’t do the overnight saltolyse and […]

Abel’s Semolina V2 w/a few twists

Last week I posted about Abel’s Semolina with pistachios, and I wasn’t all A-Ok with my results, so back to the drawing board for me.  MTloaf correctly pointed out that I had miscalculated the overall hydration at 70%, rather than the 75% it would seem to be.  The correction to the formula sheet was made. […]

Yogurt Onion Rye Bread | The Fresh Loaf

This bread was inspired by Derek’s post from last week here.  He recently made a few awesome loaves using raw onions in the dough.  I usually saute or caramelize my onions before adding them to the dough and a lot of time they end up getting absorbed into the dough.  By putting them in raw, […]

Bbq bread | The Fresh Loaf

Sumi, oddly enough, I did this for the first time yesterday as well (107F here!)  It worked out quite well for me.  I have a Kettle Pizza attachment for my kettle, so I used the stone+base from that, however, if I didn’t have this, I would have just put my baking stone (or, in your […]

100% Whole Grain – 80% rye and 20% Wheat.

It has been a while since I made a loaf of bread.  Covid and health issues have just about made life as horrible and boring as can be among other things.  At least I can still drink a glass of wine a day:-) Lucy has really slowed down since she turned 17.  I had to […]

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