40% emmer sourdough | The Fresh Loaf

I bought some emmer flour a couple of months just because I saw it and though “Huh never heard of emmer, I’ll give it a go” – and then never tried it (except using in banana bread once). So I finally decided to try it. I recently got the book “Sourdough” by Lugg & Fjeld, […]

26th bake. 11/25/2020. WW, semolina, chia, oats.

26th bake. 11/25/2020. WW, semolina, chia, oats. Submitted by idaveindy on November 25, 2020 – 4:51pm. Nov. 25, 2020. 2nd bake of the day. Started the dough in the morning.  Again, not much measuring, just 3/4 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp instant dry yeast, which turned out to be too much. Soaked some whole berry hard […]

25th bake. 11/25/2020. Semolina, millet, chia.

25th bake. 11/25/2020. Semolina, millet, chia. Submitted by idaveindy on November 25, 2020 – 8:14am. Nov. 25, 2020. A variation on the previous bake.  Sourdough starter, Deep brand semolina (gritty, not flour), whole  not-soaked chia.  New to this: added whole not soaked not toasted yellow millet, some ground roasted malted wheat (Briess Midnight wheat malt, […]

24th bake.11/23/2020. Semolina, chia.

24th bake.11/23/2020. Semolina, chia. Submitted by idaveindy on November 23, 2020 – 4:19pm. Nov. 23, 2020. No measuring on this except for 3/8 tsp salt. Starter, spring water, “Deep” brand Pani-puri semolina flour (gritty, not true flour) from Patel Brothers (same package as this: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Deep-Semolina-Pani-Puri-2-Lb/388456304 ),  whole chia seed.  The chia was not soaked prior […]

Conchas | The Fresh Loaf

Thanks, Benny. These pastries are ubiquitous here in Socal. The topping is basically a sugar cookie dough that sits in a layer on top of a brioche-like dough forming a crunchy-sugary layer. Often the cookie dough is dyed pink or has added cocoa powder to form a contrasty crackled layer. In this case, i just […]

Community bake ciabatta | The Fresh Loaf

The community bake provided the excuse to bake a simple ciabatta recipe that a friend has been baking for years. It is the exact opposite of my recent sourdough breads in almost every dimension: instant yeast, has no autolyse, uses sugar, is super rapid, no wholewheat, etc etc. Even for an instant recipe it is […]

Rolls made after Spiced Cheese and Herb Sourdough …

Rolls made after Spiced Cheese and Herb Sourdough (E. Hadjiandreou) Submitted by Bröterich on November 21, 2020 – 8:02am. My wife and I really enjoy these rolls or buns made out of the same dough as Spiced Cheese and Herb Sourdough (E. Hadjiandreou). I like to bake them so that they have a crackly crust.   […]

A couple of Boules | The Fresh Loaf

Since yesterday was my day off, and the weather was a crisp 30 degrees outside, it seemed the perfect time to do some baking. I used a recipe that I tried the first time last year with great success. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use a pate fermentee this time, so resolved to let the […]

My recent bake … 80% hydration whole wheat mixed…

  80% hydration whole wheat mixed grain and classic panettone with yuzu candied peel Recipe adapted from mwilson blog Panettone di Giorilli   Sorry folks, it has been a while …time to get my blog updated. Nevertheless I have been baking on weekly basis for my family and friends, Practicing on new technics that generous home bakers […]

Various Bakes | The Fresh Loaf

I’ve been on a sandwich loaf kick lately since Danny introduced me to the whole grain sandwich loaf through one of the community bakes on this site. I’m not getting enough steam in the oven so the crusts tend to be dull, but I’m fine with it.  In no particular order: 1. Bagels from The […]

Window Pane photo | The Fresh Loaf

I was able to get a nice photo of the “window pane” of the dough I mixed for yesterday’s bake. Questions about this sign of complete gluten development come up from time to time, so I thought others might enjoy seeing this. This is a yeasted, enriched dough. It was machine mixed in a KitchenAid […]

First loaf since shoulder surgery!

I had shoulder surgery a little over three months ago, which cut into the baking time pretty severely. I spent the last ten days rebuilding my starter, and made my first loaf yesterday. 100% fresh-milled whole wheat sourdough using Reinhart’s basic whole wheat bread recipe (except no yeast).   Source link

Double bake: sourdoung semolina and yeast water ra…

Hello Everyone, Just wanted to share two nice loaves that came out of the oven this morning. The first loaf is a 100% semolina sourdough and the second is a yeast water raisin and sunflower loaf, both at 75% hydration. Both loaves were mixed up at about the same time, fermented and baked together.   […]

Grandma’s poppy seed roll – but sourdough

My grandma every year makes yeasted homentaschen poppy seed pies, and they are delicious. Last year I asked her for the recipe, and made them myself, and it worked great, despite having no prior experience with yeast myself back then. Since starting bread baking, I wanted to convert it to sourdough, and since I am […]

This week’s bakes 201112 | The Fresh Loaf

Michigan’s deer season opens this coming Sunday, November 15.  My brother-in-law and some of his cousins will set up camp on Friday and Saturday, continuing a tradition begun by my late father-in-law.  Accommodations are rather Spartan, in the form of a converted school bus.  I’ve volunteered to bring bread as my contribution to the groceries […]

Oat porridge bread | The Fresh Loaf

Followed Maurizo’s recipe. Had thick rolled oats, so I decided to soak the oats overnight with all the salt and then cook them a bit. Then I wouldn’t need to mix in salt and then porridge since I finding mixing things in later annoying. However, its probably better not to do that since it’s harder […]

Community Bake – Ciabatta | The Fresh Loaf

Below is a compilation of Ciabattas that were baked in the Ciabatta Community Bake Bakes 1 & 2 used Hamelman’s Poolish formula listed in the original post. I haven’t baked Ciabatta in a long time and the results bare this out. The breads had a super thin crust and a super soft interior. That suited me […]

Country Sourdough Experiment No. 2

Country Sourdough Experiment No. 2 Submitted by Benito on November 7, 2020 – 7:10am. Still wanting to see if our very strong 13.3% protein Canadian flours interfere with the open crumb I’m attempting another bake of this formula I’ve thrown together.  Instead of 80% strong bread flour, I use 50% strong bread flour, 30% lower […]

100% Whole Grain Spelt Sourdough Boule

Hey bakers! I have decided to experiment with 100% whole grain sourdough breads lately, so below is the recipe for my 100% Whole Grain Spelt Sourdough Boule. I saw someone advise to try using a lower hydration when working with whole spelt because of the extensibility of the dough. The lower (65%) hydration definitely works […]

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