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Oktoberfest may not be the raucous affair we’ve come to expect this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the experience to your home with some good oompah music, German beer, and a solid pair of lederhosen. What’s missing in this equation? Why, pretzels, of course — and sorry, but Snyder’s just isn’t going to cut it.

Enter Eastern Standard Provisions, a New England bakery that makes one thing: soft pretzels that you heat, serve, and eat at home. Available in a variety of sizes from the 490-calorie Topknot to the 36-calorie Bite, there’s an Eastern Standard available for every appetite. The company also makes four different salts plus an everything spice mix which you can use to further mix things up.

The company sent us a big box of nearly everything it makes and, I have to say, my household devoured every bit of it. No matter the size, these pretzels — briefly thawed, dabbed with oil and salt, then baked in the over for a few minutes — were delightful, lightly crunchy on the outside and soft, warm, and pillowy on the inside. Imagine the best Superpretzel you’ve ever had and then discard that memory; these are infinitely better and impossible to put down once you take the first bite.

The salts are all solid, though the chili lime expression may be divisive (largely because the lime component is so dominant). I went back to the truffle salt well more than once, but it was the rocky, crunchy traditional pretzel salt that made for the most obvious and ubiquitous crowd pleaser.

These pretzels, as you might guess, aren’t cheap — the $60 gift pack will get you about 9 or 10 servings, not including $10 standard shipping — but based on the universal enthusiasm for these delights, I have to say: It’s worth it. Bring on a Helles and turn up the polka!

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Eastern Standard Provisions Pretzels


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