Sautéed pork with mushrooms in a cream sauce.

Sautéed pork with mushrooms in a cream sauce.

For this rich and succulent dish, we begin by frying the mushrooms then the pork separately, before adding the cream, to bring out the fullest flavours.


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Last modified on: August 30th 2020

For 4 people, you will need:

How long does it take?

Time required for this recipe:

Preparation Cooking Start to finish
22 min. 27 min. 49 min.
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1 or 2 days in the fridge, covered with plastic film. Freezes very well.

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The lemon juice and parsley in stage 7 are important for flavour: the fresh herb and hint of acidity add real depth to the dish.

You can vary this recipe by using different kinds of meat and mushrooms.

Nutritional information

Whole recipe
Energetic value Proteins Carbohydrates Fats
2,376 Kcal or 9,948 Kj 97 gr 31 gr 207 gr
119 % 37 % 3 % 31 %
Per 100 g
Energetic value Proteins Carbohydrates Fats
225 Kcal or 942 Kj 9 gr 3 gr 20 gr
11 % 4 % <1 % 3 %
Per person
Energetic value Proteins Carbohydrates Fats
594 Kcal or 2,487 Kj 24 gr 8 gr 52 gr
30 % 9 % 1 % 8 %

% are calculated relative to a Recommended Dietary Intake or RDI of 2000 k-calories or 8400 k-joules by day for a woman (change to a man).

How much will it cost?

  • For 4 people : 7.57 €
  • Per person : 1.89 €

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Home made.

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