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I’ve been experimenting lately with left over starter. I’m creating a stiff Pate Fermentee with it and a few days later adhoc a recipe. The breads are fine but nothing wow yet. This was my recent attempt. I’m posting this for recording keeping more than anything else.

Pate Fementee was 1 part ripe starter, 2.5 part water and 4.5 part AP flour – or 60, 132 and 270 respectively. I left it out for an hour and then put it in the fridge.

Final dough was made two days later:

– 150g pate fermente

– 125g whole wheat flour

– 375g all purpose flour

-12g salt

– 2g diastatic malt

– 2g gluten flour

– seeds: 35g pumpkin; 15g flax, 10g sesame; 40g hemp hearts

Autolyse was 30 minutes without salt, malt or gluten flour. I then added them and used the mixer for 7 minutes. I let rest for about 40 minutes and then did a letter fold during which I added the seeds. I then did two sets of coil folds 45 minutes apart.

Timing – autolyse around 11am and baked around 6:30pm.

Soft crumb and crust. Nice mild taste – but a bit bland. Would use more whole wheat next time but ran out. I used 20% seeds but could have added more. Loaf was large, so it could have been made into two batards instead. I preshaped but then left it as the dough was stiff. I could have upped the hydration another 10% too.

I have more pate fermentee in the fridge for one more bake. Any suggestions on a next loaf with recipe would be appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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