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This is a strange and turbulent time…a viral pandemic upon us, the world in an ongoing struggle to survive and the best and worst of humanity on display every day. There is little comfort to be found anywhere as the debates, misinformation, disuptes and yes, death and suffering as a result of covid-19 fill our days. The reality of life with covid-19 is simple  – until there is a vaccine or effective treatment we are constrained by it, our ‘freedoms’ and personal ‘rignts’ are superceded by the needs of the greater common good, if everyone stays apart, wears a face mask, washes their hands then ALL of us will be ok.  It’s not that hard.  And for any of you with lingering doubts, personal grievances, disuptes with the best advice from the health authorities, I encourage you to volunteer your time at a local hospital ICU/ER, offer your help to first responder paramedics, nurses, doctors….perhaps first hand experience will convince you, help you understand what’s really going on!

 It’s a habit I have, when things are wierd, challenging, just do what I know and then try to figure out the other stuff. So in these strange times I fall back on this, more of the same old, same old…what I know. Stay well, stay safe.

Seeded Sourdough Bread 

  • fresh milled sifted rye, Marquis and khorasan 30%
  • organic all purpose flour 70%
  • filtered water 80%
  • young levain 28%
  • sea salt 2%
  • toasted sunflower seeds 3.5%
  • toasted pumpkin seeds 3.5%
  • toasted sesame seeds 2%
  • soaked flax seed 3.5%
  • sifted bran coating

2 hour autolyse; 3.5 hour bulk ferment (the dough was very active, it’s really hot this week) with 4 series of stretch/folds over the first 2 hours; pre-shaped/final shaped and cold proofed overnight 10 hours; baked 500F covered for 20 minutes, 450F covered for 10 minutes and 450F for 19 minutes directly on the baking stone.




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