Semolina cranb. pecan orange peel levain

A second run at Danni’s semolina cranberry/wild rice levain.  With some obvious changes afoot compared to my first attempt.  The wild rice didn’t float my boat so I 86’ed it.  The quick and dirty on this version’s mods:

  • hydration now at 72%
  • Semolina boosted to 35%, AP flour dropped to 65%
  • added pecans, and a hint of orange peel
  • eliminated 2 of the 4 Letter Folds, now down to 50 & 100 min with final 20 min rest before retard.

These were begging to be baked dark, and who am I to argue?  Although I adore semolina based breads, the orange peel and cranberry combination, while delicious, overwhelmed it.  May try using a whole grain next time instead.

Gerhard suggested the orange peel, and he was right on the money, as it adds a distinct flavor that marries well with the cranberry.

If this were a production bread, the cost of it would be fairly high as the inclusions here are quite costly compared to a FWS version.

I was pleased that the scores went well, as sometimes these types of baguettes, laden with fruit and nuts, will get oven bloom, but not a decent enough ear.  I also find that, in general, these breads in baguette form are less likely to display an open crumb for me.

A modestly intermittent problem is the even distribution of inclusions.  As I mix by hand, the add-ins don’t arrive until the first Letter Fold, and as often as not wind up being unevenly spread across the length and breadth of the dough.

A thin crust with a distinctive snap/crack to the bite.  Just my style.


Semolina Cranberry Walnut Levain w/ Orange peel            
Danni, mod by alfanso                
          Total Flour        
  Total Dough Weight (g)   1100   Prefermented 15.00%      
  Total Formula       Levain      Final Dough  
  Ingredients % Grams   % Grams   Ingredients Grams
  Total Flour 100.00% 541.9   100.00% 81.3   Final Flour 460.6
  AP Flour 65.00% 352.2   100% 81.3   AP Flour 270.9
  Durum 35.00% 189.7   0% 0.0   Durum 189.7
  Water 72.00% 390.1   100% 81.3   Water 308.9
  Salt 2.00% 10.8         Salt 10.8
  Walnuts, toasted 15.00% 81.3         Walnuts 81.3
  Dried Cranberries 13.00% 70.4         Cranberries 70.4
  Orange Peel 1.00% 5.4         Orange Peel 5.4
  Starter 3.00% 16.3   20% 16.3      
                Levain 162.6
  Totals 203.00% 1100.0   220% 178.8     1100.0
Autolyse Water, Levain, Flours 20 min. Hold back 10% water for bassinage.        
Bassinage salted water.  Incorporate, rest 5 min.              
20-30 French Folds.  Rest 5 min.  20-30 FFs.  Into oiled tub.            
Incorporate inclusions at 1st LF.                
BF 2 hrs: LFs at 50, 100.  20 min rest.  retard              
Retard 12-16 hrs. with divide and shape somewhere in that time.            
Preheat 480dF, Bake 460dF with steam for first 13 min.  Then rotate to finish bake ~13 min more. Final  2 min venting.

365g x 3 long batards

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