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I decided to try and make sourdough bagels this week. I always thought bagels would be really hard to make and unnecessary since good bagels are easy to locate in NY. However, I decided to try making them at home after the last bagel I purchased had no flavor whatsoever. 

I mostly followed this recipe from Baked the Blog, but I followed more of the process of Hamelman’s bagel recipe (except he uses pate fermentee). 

I didn’t have diastatic malt or malt syrup, so I just used honey. 

Overall, happy with how these came out and pleasantly surprised that it really was quite easy. Next time I’d try to get my hands on some diastatic malt, malt syrup, and maybe make the bagels a bit bigger (these were 120g). I’d also try a longer cold ferment (this one was about 12 hours). 


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