Take 2: Hamelman Pain Rustique – even more alfanso…

I guess this V3.0, or V2.1, or V1.2.  Who’s knows, and more importantly who cares?

Plans and results laid out the other day, I thought I could do better.

Changes from last time:

  • Shorten BF from 70 min to 45 w/folds at 25 and 45 minutes.  Because…
  • Place BF vessel into retard for about 6-8 hours.
  • Divide and placed on couche, back into overnight retard.
  • Exhibit even greater gentle care in handling the dough both onto and off the couche.
  • Scored the slightly stiffer dough with my regular lame other than the other day’s ceramic blade. 

Otherwise, all other aspects of the process were the same.


  • Better and more consistent shaping
  • Darker crust
  • Much less raw flour on surface
  • Some amount of oven spring, these are certainly a little more robust than prior
  • Noticeable bloom, although still relatively slight.

Unsure of whether the flavor profile was enhanced due to extended BF and retard.  But I think that this is the method I’ll use when these come up on my “what shall I bake next” wheel.

Formula is in the link the top.

The “cover” photo is just prior to bake, what they look like on my new wide oven peel (used for full length baguettes).

Today, vs. the other day.  Richer crust coloration.


Today, vs. the other day.  Due to lack of any surface tension, these are delicate and more difficult to score.


950g x 8 dinner / hamburger rolls



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