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Heres attempt 2 at the croissant/ canele that, should it eventually work out – well you saw it here first 😉

Since last week where I spontaneously decided to stuff some canele molds with left-over croissant lam, I realized there might be something interesting here.  So this week I decided to do a true blend of canele batter and the dough.  What I had hoped would happen is the batter would encase the dough and sort of creep up the sides of the mold in a capillary fashion.  Instead it (the batter) just kind of settled ultimately creating a canele cap.  You can see this in the pics.  

Another goal this time was to do more of a koign  Amman style dough (hence the upside down photo showing the coin effect) whereby I heavily sugared the roll of dough.  This is due to the fact that last week as I bit into the first creations I just felt this needs to be sweeter.  That part worked. The flavor is much better than attempt number 1.

Not sure if I want to continue pursuing this but will give it some thought and see what might evolve.  

Any thoughts fellow tfl’ers ? 




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