The forgotten loaf…

The forgotten loaf…

Has anyone else here  also enjoyed the new audiobook by Chad Robertson and Jennifer Latham?

I have started using their double booster feeding with good results and also love their mixing schedule introducing water in steps. Now I have been doing that anyway but love the shorter intervals and tried going beyond by normal comfort zone and upping by feel..ending on 87% hydration for a loaf with 2O% WW, 30% Canadian white and the rest Shipton Mill No. 4 Strong White..

Bulk for 3 and half hour at 26c and three coil folds, 30 min bench rest and 30 ambient proof in banneton before 3 c fridge. Baked in Rofco B20 oven and then I forgot this fella and this explains the darker and thicker crust at the bottom as it was sitting in the oven..

I baked this same loaf again today as another test batch  but with an 2 hour autolyse this time rather than 30 min and boy..I only could bassinage up to 83% hydration today…we shall see how bake tomorrow goes…and let’s hope I don’t forget another loaf…

I used to be a big fan of slap and folds but by using this method combined with coil folds I can also build good strength ..Happy baking! Kat




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