The Japanese champion with the unbreakable smile

She’s known for her develop race tweets with every possible piece of information neatly lined up in emoticons. She’s also known for announces about her cooking. Eri Yonamine is the Japanese road champion five times over: a nature traveller living at the foot of the infamous Cauberg in Valkenburg, the Netherlands, and razzing for the Italian-Slovenian team, Ale-BTC Ljubljana.

“It’s not so easy to get a visa as a Japanese citizen but the Netherlands are very welcoming ,” she says.” That’s why I dissolved up now. I likewise love this part of the world as some of my favorite scoots are here like Amstel Gold Race and Liege-Bastogne-Liege. I do want to stay in the Netherlands after my job is over.

” I exactly started Dutch exercises but the language is very hard to learn. The inflection is tough but I know how to say’ bitterballen’( a deep-fried, crunchy meat snack ), and’ oude kaas’( matured/ age-old Gouda cheese) — two of my favorite Dutch food items, ” she adds with a smile.

Food is a common subject on Yonamine’s social feeds. “Gyozas are definitely favourite, yes, ” she chuckles, “but I employed this COVID period likewise to buy a pasta machine and make my own pates. I enjoy pates and determine ladens of them now.”

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Saturday Activity ???? was to establish #UDON ???? It’s one of Japanese noodle ???????? Ingredients are exclusively Flour& Water with Salt ???? Tips: Knead somewhat hard-bitten& a great deal ???????? . . These days, Of direction I’m keeping my fitness because it’s priority in my life ??????????? but likewise I’m trying to do something for character of “peoples lives” ???????? . . Have a neat Sunday ?? #????????# StayAtHome ????

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Yonamine is 29 years young and hails from Osaka, one of the most difficult metropolis in Japan. Cycling was not her first sport.

“Cycling on the roads in Japan is pretty dangerous and uncommon ,” she says.” You can’t ride two abreast and there is a rate limit of 30 kilometres an hour. I once rode 40 when I was back home a while ago and was stopped by the police.”

She started off as a tennis actor through “schools ” and in her occasion at Tsukuba University, 60 kilometres north of Tokyo. “I studied general boasts science ,” she interprets.” The university is suited especially for athletes. The statu in tennis was pretty high-pitched though. There is an issue in my tennis career I couldn’t grow anymore so after university I started to look for another sport. My uncle was a bike rider and he suggested I could do that extremely. That’s how I intention up on the bike.”

Japan has a tradition in road racing, and especially keirin race, but Yonamine never had ambitions on the line. “The competition is strong and it’s hard to get on the national team ,” she says.” I elevate road racing too.”

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Back to my business ???????? Off to China ???????? . . I had a few nice weeks in Japan ???????? could do what I craved ??????????? Thank you for everyone I are in conformity with Japan ???? . . Well ….. Last scoot of this season ???????? Last scoot with this @ alecipolliniteam squad ???????????? Here we are now going ???????? . . #????????# IAmAle #alecycling #alecipollini #rudyproject #windtex #NK1K #selleitalia #ridededa #enjoyyourride

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In 2013 she rode her first world championships. In 2015 she was scouted by the directorate of the French FDJ team. “It was just a bit too early to go to Europe, ” she shows. “I genuinely wanted to go the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro but needed UCI points. I decided to try and obtain those in the United Mood( travelling for Hagens Berman-Supermint) and that’s what I did.”

She finished 17 th out of 53 finishers in the Rio de Janeiro road race and 15 th in the time trial. Yonamine’s face lamps up when we discuss the Olympics because the next copy is in accordance with her own Japan.

“It is special to hasten in Japan for the Japanese national squad ,” Yonamine excuses.” I have never said and done so I can’t imagine what it feels like to be part of such a big event in my own country representing our signal. Of direction, I still have to get my region but Japan has two distinguishes so that’s reassuring.”

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Course Training Day ???????????? here is Rio ???????? here is Olympic #roadtorio #rio2016 I am glad to stand here !! Thanks again …. I precisely do my best ???? #???????????????? #YONEX

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Yonamine moved to Europe after the Olympics in 2016 and has now been part of Ale-BTC Ljublana for the past two seasons. “I am the equestrian who stays with the leaders in the final, ” she says of her character on the team.” I also often try to go in breakaways. I am not much of a sprinter.”

When looking at the Japanese rider’s results it immediately is very clear she almost never vacates a scoot. Sometimes she is outside the time limit but hardly ever is she a DNF.

“Having a bad hasten builds me sad of course but even though they are I cease from the peloton, I will ever try to complete the scoot ,” she says.” Or else I won’t have gained anything from that scoot. That’s my rule in racing.”

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1 Month to Go ???? until back to the business ???? . . . 4 months ago’s #????????# alebtcljubljana #IAmAle #Alecying #RudyProject #withDMT #windtex #prologo #cipollini #LEOMO

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With the season re-start drawing closer Yonamine has been qualifying hard-handed in the hills of the Dutch region of Limburg, or simply across the Belgian border on the infuse Ardennes climbings.

“Those three scoots- Amstel Gold Race, Fleche Wallonne and Liege-Bastogne-Liege- clothing me well ,” she says.” It’s ever huge fun because countless spectators on the side of the road know me and encourage me on.

” My first race is likely to be the Strade Bianche. It’s a hasten I have immense remembrances of. I scooted it every year since I attached FDJ-Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope in 2017. Last year was one of my best days on the bike when I came in 13 th.

” I too have fond memories of La Course in 2017 when we disappeared up the Col de Izoard. There were so many parties applauding us on. I was 11 th the working day. On race daytimes I never known better the legs are until after an hour or so. Then I know if it will be one of those immense days or not. That epoch on the Izoard was obviously one of those enormous dates on a bike! It is also part of the few terms my family could see me scoot on Japanese television.”

Normally Yonamine would have travellled back to Japan for the nationals which take place at the end of June but that was cancelled because of the COVID-1 9 place. “I am still just wait the decision from the Japanese confederation if I can obstruct this jersey ,” she says.” It’s so beautiful, don’t you think?

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GO !! ERI !! Flag ???? 2020 ver. #AleBTCLjubljana ???????? . . Arrived from Japan ???????? Made by your best friend @ yyj1 234 jp ???????? At firstly, She made it for their own families because my family would come to Netherlands ???????? in Ardenne Classic week for encouraging me ???? But all nullified ???? . . Also, If it were on usual planned, I would be in Japan this week for Nationals ???? I couldn’t see it in the hasten& it’s still not sure to be held in August or not ???? . . So, she mail this awesome flag to me ???? Even though no scoots& post #covid19 life still feel something strange , good-for-nothing conversion beings around me ???????? Ever give me # goodvibes ???? Thanks again Yoko-san& Send big hug ???? . . #????????# Alecycling #GoEri

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” This year their own families would also travel to Europe to see me hasten. Unhappily, that was cancelled too. I normally travel back home twice a year,[ for] nationals and after Macrocosm but this year the season will be until November for me. As the situation is now, I can travel to Japan but not back to the Netherlands. This situation will too probably constitute me the only Japanese bride at the World Championship in Switzerland this year.”

Yonamine is always smiling when you learn her at the races or when you talk to her. Her love for what she does shows in her race. “Unfortunately, the boast is not large-hearted for girls in Japan ,” she says.” I would affection for young girl to come up to me or write to me on social media to ask for advice on how to become a professional bike rider. But unhappily nothing did so far .”

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