Too Much Starter? GOOD!

Too Much Starter? GOOD!

I love frying my starter! Plop that baby into a sizzling oily pan and you’ve got fried sourdough. 

For lunch, I decided to take some extra starter and make a sandwich. 


In the pan is a salmon burger with blackened garlic, onion and rosemary. The kitchen had some extra basil so I plucked a few leaves and threw em in!



As the salmon sizzles, the sourdough fries on both sides, gets cut in two and made into the sandwich it was destined to be. 

I got creative and saucy, and added some hard cheese, avocado and sweet California garlic mustard that we picked up from the roadside peach stand near Monterey last weekend. The beer? One of my favs from Rogue—Dead Guy Marzen. 

Nothing like a good German March beer in July, with a sourdough salmon sandwich. If you’ve got extra starter, use it! 

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