Yeast water for 100% semolina bread

First time trying 100% semolina bread using yeast water for leavening. I used a basic recipe with semolina, yeast water levain, salt and water. Because semolina is a bit coarse and hard, I decided to autolyse it for 12 hrs with added salt. This was the same time it took for the levain to mature. At the end of the autolyse the semolina was soft and held to its structure.

Levain (12 hours to mature)

40 g semolina

40 g yeast water (grapes)


282 g semolina

187 g water

5 g salt

The overall hydration was about 71%, but I felt the flour could not take much more water. The dough was mainly developed by 4 sets of stretching and folding after initial mixing and kneading. Bulk fermentation took about 3 hours, shaped and retarded in the fridge for about 5 hours. Removed from fridge and let rest on the counter for about 2 hours before baking. I thought the dough was over proofed because it looked like a pancake when it hit the baking vessel. Fortunately, oven spring was great and crumb not too bad, even though I see some shaping issues. The crust came out nicely with a red hue color, while the crumb is a traditional golden color. The flavor has some sweetness, delicate crumb that goes very well with butter.



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